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Operations Systems Improvement

Even the “crustiest” miner now accepts that systems are the real engine room that drives the core processes in a mining business.  Expanded ERP systems and “mining systems in a box” concepts sound great but trivialise the craft of assembling “the right systems to do the right job” for any specific mining business.  Everyone has existing systems they want to leverage, solutions they prefer and budgets they need to meet.  BEDROCKmg does offer comprehensive systems blueprints for greenfields projects but few businesses have the luxury of starting from scratch.  We apply industry specific diagnostics, our extensive Mining Systems Reference models and a deep understand of today's leading mining systems to pragmatically architect and acquire solutions that meet the specific financial, operational and strategic needs a given miner.

Operations Systems Improvementcanadian pharmacy no prescription fincar


We know what systems miners need, how they contribute to business improvement and how to make them work in globally distributed, culturally diverse, remote and often unfriendly environments.  


We help you deliver business specific aligned Systems Improvement roadmaps in a structured and pragmatic manner, leveraging your existing investments. We understand today’s major resource sector solutions and can help you build productive, lasting relationships with solution vendors.


Diagnostics & Planning Services


  • Systems Environment alignment to business need and leading practice 
  • “System Fit and Performance” Assessment Diagnostic 
  • Product Evaluation & Selection
  • Architecture Planning
  • Business Benefit, Impact and Risk Analysis


Execution and Delivery Services


  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Systems Strategy 
  • Systems Integration
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Application Rationalisation
  • SME / Client Advocate for Solution Delivery and Embedding
  • Solution Vendor Relationship & Contract Optimisation



Case Studies

Order metformin without a rx overnight shipping, Metformin 800 810



Our services span all elements of the Resources Value Chain 


  • - Exploration & Geology
  • - Mine Planning
  • - Mine Production Scheduling
  • - Grade control
  • - Drill and blast
  • - Fleet management
  • - Fuel management
  • - Operational reporting
  • - Inventory management and reconciliation
  • - Logistics
  • - Plant systems
  • - Delay accounting
  • - Laboratory (LIMS)
  • - Workforce Management
  • - Plant Maintenance
  • - Autonomy
  • - Environment
  • - Health & Safety
  • - Marketing & Finance

We know natural resources