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Thanks for visiting the BEDROCKmg website

If you require further information or would like to discuss a requirement directly with one of our practice leads, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can phone or email the regional office most convenient to you or complete the form below and we will get in touch. Please don't forget to include your phone and email details.


Please feel free to contact one of our offices directly.

Thank you.

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The MMG leadership had a management vision that would define and measure all our processes and flows from the ore body to the finished products in the hands of our customers. We started this journey to develop an integrated mining value chain architecture and had BedrockMG join in to help. BedrockMG took the idea and working with our own team delivered an architecture that is comprehensive, well developed and saleable across our business. This work continues to be a springboard for us to develop a raft of projects to realise the original vision. BedrockMG have been key players to get us to where we are today.- Peter McLure

The BEDROCKmg team delivered significant value to formalise the mining systems at our operations through specialised consultation, and functional advice on KPI measurements. The knowledge of mining systems functionality and architecture was excellent, and we found the teams input in this regard to be invaluable.- Louis Retief, Chief Information Officer, BHP Energy Coal SA

“The team proved to be experts in mining processes and systems development and were able to overcome IT complexities on an operational level. They added value to our mining operations through their in-depth understanding and best of breed methodologies."- Rowan Karstel, General Manager Planning and Technical Services

We know natural resources