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Services for highly specific problems. Partnerships for the hard journeys.

We offer a range of advisory services and products for business optimisation and IT investment maximisation. Sustainability of  the improvements is paramount and we help our clients achieve this with attention to cultural and organisational change management challenges specific to the resources sector. Our engagements can tackle domain specific challenges or deliver fully integrated, multi-year programs that consider the People, Process, Technology spectrum.

Our Services

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MRTM, our predictable approach to eliminating variability in Mining Operations has delivered dramatic EBIT, Throughput and “Life of Mine” improvements over the past decade. MRTM can provide an accurate prediction of EBIT and Recovery improvements which are achievable by meaningfully addressing identified constraints. Importantly, these improvements are often possible without major CAPEX. MRTM also provides an improvement blueprint for mine designs to enable optimum value exploitation for the full mine life and for the creation of a stable and predictable operating environment. Applying the flow based approach of MRTM has demonstrated :

  1. 20% plus EBIT and NPV improvements in more than 80% of cases
  2. Elevation of a mine’s operating performance from below 50% of its design capacity to over 80%
  3. Reduction of operating variability to below 10% from the 20% plus generally accepted by miners

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Achieving “common practice” for some is a revolution, for others, “next practice” is required to achieve business targets. In a cost constrained market, doing the most with what we have is the objective. No matter what your goal, we can rapidly identify flaws and opportunities in your existing processes and translate these into improvements by adapting proven process templates or through tailored process design.

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Success in business today more than ever is about the availability and use of information. BEDROCKmg knows how to locate, interpret, integrate and expose information typically buried in an organisation, to drive real improvements in decision making and control.

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Today’s business workplace is a sophisticated, rapidly evolving environment that integrates aesthetic, functional, safety, environmental, social and complex technical considerations. Workplace Synergysm is a proven, structured, predictable and reliable approach to managing these challenges, where all stakeholders are engaged and customer’s needs are understood and met, even when requirements change as a fit-out progresses.

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The quality of an organisation’s information and the effectiveness of its business processes always depends on how well it harnesses industry based and ERP systems. We help our clients maximise their investment in new and existing systems through carefully planned Systems Improvement Programs based on proven blueprints, industry reference models and realistic budgets. Everything we do considers the capacity for an organisation to change and the cultural context in which it operates.

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It’s not developing the vision, but the realisation that is hard. We help overcome cultural, geographic and organisational barriers to change through our proven methods and focus on consensus, roles, motivations and accountabilities of internal and external stakeholders.

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Mining technologies present some of the greatest opportunities and risks for today’s companies. We help our clients smoothly navigate through the complex process of identifying, evaluating and adopting emerging high value technologies.

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BedrockMG works with key stakeholders to develop and manage innovative projects that align with our clients corporate social responsibility strategy. We are part of an extensive network of professionals able to provide quality civic and social program support. Our network includes Government, Academics, Audit and Regulatory, Education and Training, Health Specialists and Community based service providers.


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