Operations Reporting & KPIs

Information is a fundamental requirement for effective business management and value creation at each level of the Resources Value Chain. We know how to locate, interpret, integrate and expose information that is typically buried in an organisation, to drive real improvements in decision making and control. We understand the key measures that support best practice operations and can facilitate agreement across an organisation on the meaning, value and opportunities presented by its information assets.

Operations Reporting


 The graveyard of Operational Reporting solutions in the resources sector is full indeed.  Sadly the advice and solutions foisted upon most organisations has been obsessed with aggregated data for the benefit of central functions, retrospectively focused KPIs and/or IT architecture purity.  In so doing, the key benefits and challenges of operational reporting are consistently missed, related projects doomed to fail and substantial financial and emotional investment lost.  We believe operational reporting is primarily about :


  • enabling the effective collaboration of operational management teams to optimise their operations
  • providing realistic decision making capability to operational managers within timeframes that allow them to actually make a difference


Moreover, without truly recognising and accommodating the specific anomalies of the resources sector, which underpin the quality of available data, even a well aligned project will founder. Operational data anomalies reflect the reality of mine production systems ability to capture, validate and aggregate production data to support shift, daily, weekly and monthly operations decision making.   Typical factors include but are not limited to –  inaccurate mining material movements, downtime events changed post shift reallocation of mining equipment, inability to distinguish product and waste material, inaccurate reserves estimates, changing quality profiles within mine design blocks and sampling variability.


BEDROCKmg understands how these factors influence the management and decision making process from the shift level through to monthly reporting.  We know the limitations presented by inappropriate production systems and data architectures and have a deep understanding of the relevant measures and KPIs. We have strategies for leveraging your existing systems investment to make the best use of your operational information. 


Diagnostics & Planning Services


  • KPI Review – Business Goals, Data Lineage Analysis
  • Operations Reporting Maturity Review (in context of mining type)
  • Data Reference Model Templates (by industry sector)
  • Data Integrity Analysis
  • Business Intelligence Readiness Assessment 
  • Reporting Technology “Fit for Purpose” Assessment



Execution and Delivery Services


  • KPI Definition
  • KPI Reporting Requirements
  • Operations Reporting
  • Metadata Development & Standardisation
  • Information Visualisation
  • Data Integrity and Auditability Optimisation & Policy
  • Data Architecture
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Data Integration Analysis and Design




Operations Reporting can transform a business when performance measures and information are aligned to targets, decisions horizons, decision makers and their work practices.

We know natural resources