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Comprehensive Information Systems Advisory and Delivery Services

Our speciality is the bridge between the technical and the business need. Our focus is on the ingredients that make things work – clear articulation of objectives, team collaboration, accountability, sustainable technology solutions and effective planning. We bring indepth experience, domain knowledge and genuine energy to engagements, whether it’s IS transformation, solution architecture or program delivery. Our services can focus on the Organise, Plan, Build and Run processes of IS or be integrated with broader Business Process transformation initiatives dealing with Value Chain optimisation.

Information Services


  • Organisational Design
  • IS Operating Model
  • CIO Mentoring
  • Methodology design and implementation
  • Facilitation






  • IS Strategy (Domain & Enterprise)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technology Roadmap’s
  • SME Facilitation & Governance
  • Application Portfolio Optimisation
  • Integration Strategy Design
  • Information Modeling







  • Solution Design
  • Business Case
  • Business Readiness Assessment
  • Solution Selections & Assessment
  • SME Based Benefits Tracking & Realisation
  • Solution Architecture
  • Independant Delivery Scheduling
  • Project Health Checks
  • Program Management
  • SME Based Analysis
  • Process Design
  • Change Management





  • Independant Reviews
  • Strategic Systems Vendor Management




BEDROCKmg has developed  and successfully applied the ‘IT Operating Model’ as a powerful framework to drive IS transformation.


The IT Operating Model methodology identifies the strategies and capabilities that an IS department needs to effectively deliver services to it’s customer(s).  Uniquely, the methodology also considers the core capabilities of the overall business necessary for effective IT service delivery and fosters a strong partnership between IT and specific business functions.  

We provide diagnostics, tools and templates that assess the effectiveness of your current operation and outline the priorities, structural changes and accountabilities that best suit your IT context.


The IT Operating Model drives simplification by defining “One way of working” which is visible to all. It outlines razor sharp accountabilities and provides a structured way of managing change.


We know natural resources