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We know natural resources

Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory

BedrockMG works with key stakeholders to develop and manage innovative projects that align with our clients corporate social responsibility strategy. We are part of an extensive network of professionals able to provide quality civic and social program support. Our network includes Government, Academics, Audit and Regulatory, Education and Training, Health Specialists and Community based service providers.


Social Program Planning and Delivery
  • Develop social program with outcomes that align with corporate values
  • Secure internal and external stakeholder support for the project
  • Partner with government, NGOs, training providers, philanthropic organisations and specialist service providers
  • Provide project management support
  • Develop and support internal and external communication and reporting activities
  • Evaluate and scale activities

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BEDROCK mg is committed to assisting our clients achieve their CSR goals.  We partner with stakeholders, government, NGOs, local communities, suppliers and our clients staff to create opportunities to have a positive impact on the communities and environments in which companies operate.

We know natural resources