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WorkPlace Synergy - Guiding business through workplace change

Today’s business workplace is a sophisticated, rapidly evolving environment that integrates aesthetic, functional, safety, environmental, social and complex technical considerations.Workplace Synergy is a proven method for creating outcome certainty and immediate business value from workplace change.


The modern workplace is a sophisticated, dynamic environment subject to continuous change with organisations moving, re-sizing or strategically upgrading their workspaces to be more flexible and sustainable. We want the ability to change and customise the workplace quickly and expect the seamless integration of business requirements, safety, environmental and social considerations with aesthetic and functional design in a workplace that is brimming with technology.  New work place norms have also re-shaped how people want to work and collaborate with technological change being one of the primary drivers. Anyone accountable for delivering a modern, truly business-enabling and trouble free workplace is facing increasing pressure to deliver these changes quickly and seamlessly.  What was once a simple matter of re-locating files and moving phones is now a major integration and customisation exercise with myriad stakeholders, each with their own agendas and inter-dependencies. This customisation must align design goals, complex and diverse technical platforms, project budgets and schedules with organizational and cultural aspirations. But that’s just the easy bit.


While the various stakeholder groups (e.g. suppliers, service providers and internal business owners) have the same broad objective, their specific agendas, priorities and “skin in the game” vary considerably. This is compounded by their differing ability to exchange and manage information about their needs, dependencies and progress. Most stakeholders on such a project just want to get their bit done at the lowest cost and move on, with little consideration for the post-transition, operational lives of the business/tenant.  Worse still, the boundaries of core technologies such as Audio Visual and Site Access are expanding with the new wave of building and systems automation driven by IoT (Internet of Things) about to impose itself. With the rate of this technological change and supplier specialisation, it is difficult to get full value from the workplace change investment and avoid cost blow-outs, completion delays or unhappy staff.


Workplace Synergy

BEDROCKmg’s Workplace Synergysm, is a comprehensive workplace transformation methodology, proven through success with some of Australia’s leading companies. It provides a framework to integrate planning, delivery, operational readiness and transition activities to ensure successful workplace change.

Workplace Synergy focuses on five critical objectives

  1. Get stakeholders productively & safely working together with clarity around accountabilities, milestones and expectations
  2. Reduce project cost, exposure to risk and eliminate re-work
  3. Deliver the right technologies to meet organisational goals and project budget
  4. A productive and happy workforce on Day One and
  5. A sustainable support and issue-management process in-place

What separates Workplace Synergy from other methods is its focus on ROI and delivering successful and sustainable change by providing impacted people with the best experience making them productive in the shortest possible time.

Some of the benefits

  1. Single point of contact across all stakeholders (development, technology, business functions, authorities, landlord) to deliver workplace change and ensure full accountability and liability of stakeholders in the context of the overall project outcome
  2. Corporate/tenant objectives translated into specific fit-out and transition activities and outcomes
  3. New & improved business processes incorporated into the fit-out and transition planning (typically not considered). We ensure that specific business requirements are catered for not simply met with a “cookie cutter” approach
  4. Central and single point of communication to avoid business change fatigue from multiple communication lines
  5. Alignment of safety governance, compliance and incident management across all parties
  6. Reduced risk of cost and schedule overruns by avoiding over/under supply of services
  7. Deep engagement of all stakeholders including the staff and service providers
  8. Full integration of diverse project deliverables across stakeholders to support operations (fire warden training, inductions, service contracts, consumables, procedures and processes)
  9. Breakdown of silos created by functional PMs allowing for interdependencies to be identified and milestone aligned
  10. Full asset lifecycle management factored into planning
  11. Consolidated view of the transition project from a budget, program, risk, scope and schedule standpoint
  12. Ensure fit-out provisions are made for all technology hardware
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A transformation project that would normally take 24-36 months from inception was achieved in under 12 months with no issues reported on Day 1  

Download WorkPlace Synergy Brochure


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