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Mineral Resource Throughput Management (MRTM)  

MRTM, our predictable approach to eliminating variability in Mining Operations has delivered dramatic EBIT, Throughput and “Life of Mine” improvements over the past decade. MRTM can provide an accurate prediction of EBIT and Recovery improvements which are achievable by meaningfully addressing identified constraints. Importantly, these improvements are often possible without major CAPEX. MRTM also provides an improvement blueprint for mine designs to enable optimum value exploitation for the full mine life and for the creation of a stable and predictable operating environment. Applying the flow based approach of MRTM has demonstrated :

  1. 20% plus EBIT and NPV improvements in more than 80% of cases
  2. Elevation of a mine’s operating performance from below 50% of its design capacity to over 80%
  3. Reduction of operating variability to below 10% from the 20% plus generally accepted by miners

Some of the benefits

  1. Single point of contact across all stakeholders (development, technology, business functions, authorities, landlord) to deliver workplace change and ensure full accountability and liability of stakeholders in the context of the overall project outcome
  2. Corporate/tenant objectives translated into specific fit-out and transition activities and outcomes
  3. New & improved business processes incorporated into the fit-out and transition planning (typically not considered). We ensure that specific business requirements are catered for not simply met with a “cookie cutter” approach
  4. Central and single point of communication to avoid business change fatigue from multiple communication lines
  5. Alignment of safety governance, compliance and incident management across all parties
  6. Reduced risk of cost and schedule overruns by avoiding over/under supply of services
  7. Deep engagement of all stakeholders including the staff and service providers
  8. Full integration of diverse project deliverables across stakeholders to support operations (fire warden training, inductions, service contracts, consumables, procedures and processes)
  9. Breakdown of silos created by functional PMs allowing for interdependencies to be identified and milestone aligned
  10. Full asset lifecycle management factored into planning
  11. Consolidated view of the transition project from a budget, program, risk, scope and schedule standpoint
  12. Ensure fit-out provisions are made for all technology hardware

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