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Knowledge Sharing & Thought Leadership

At BEDROCKmg, we recognise that Mining and Resources businesses face countless challenges. We periodically share our insights on some of these challenges across various topics to stimulate creative thinking and test assumptions around leading practice.

Search For Opinions

Cheapest online indian pharmacy for cytotec or generic, Cytotec 200 mcg without prescription

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Are we kidding ourselves about productivity in mining?

Has the Australian mining sector been paying lip service to productivity improvements ? Are there tangible, systemic changes we can make to generate sustainable productivity gains and how well is Australia positioned to capitalize on its opportunities ?

MMG’s CIO shares his views on a Integrated Mining Value Chain

Insights of Peter McLure, CIO on the MMG journey to embrace an integrated mining value chain. Role of an Enterprise Architecture and a Functional Reference Model. Delivered at The Open Group International – Sydney Conference.

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Mining Functional Reference Model (FRM) Methodology

A proven methodology for taking control of your systems assets and leveraging them for effective planning and delivery.

premarin tabs reviews
Mineral Resource Throughput Management

A new and predictable approach to dramatically reducing variability in Mining Operations that has delivered dramatic EBIT, Throughput and “Life of Mine” improvement.

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Where is the value of data for mine operations decision making? – a mining short story

Most miners gather data by the “truck load” but few can say they are using this data to drive meaningful and sustainable improvements in their decision making and management processes. By leveraging existing data and treating it “in context”, data can be transformed into valuable and actionable management information, particularly at the operations layer of a mining business.

Interview with Mining Technology Strategist Gus Ferguson

Cloud Computing in the Mining Domain.

We know natural resources