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We know natural resources

Project Excellence Software and Support

After ten years of planning and delivering successful projects across the natural resources sector, BEDROCKmg has partnered with leading solution and service partners to create a comprehensive Project Excellence offer.  We have coupled best of breed solutions with integration, support, training with operationally experienced people that understand how to fully leverage project related information.

Price premarin cream, Estradiol patch vs. premarin

cost of premarin at walmart pharmacy


BEDROCKmg is Australia’s principal reseller of PRISMG2 , the world’s leading total cost management solution designed for companies managing capital projects. PRISMG2 easily integrates and standardizes processes such as Capital Planning & Budgeting, Cost Management, Engineering, Procurement, Contracts Administration and Construction.


PRISMG2 is renowned for its ease of use and easy deployment. It provides organizations with increased visibility throughout the project lifecycle, seamlessly combining budget, committed costs, actual costs, changes, progress data, and schedule dates required to effectively communicate forecasts with accurate measurement of overall progress and earned value performance. PRISMG2 empowers companies to consistently complete projects on-time and within budget. If you would like to read more about PRISMG2, visit  canadian pharmacy no prescription fincar 



For additional PRISMG2 information you can download an overview fincar order on line. Whatever you need, if it involves PRISMG2,  we can help. Contact us for more information on:  


  • PRISMG2 Software Licences and upgrades
  • PRISMG2 integration to Primavera P6, SAP, MS Project, Mobile devices
  • PRISMG2 Support and Maintenance
  • PRISMG2 Consultancy Services – Implementation, Optimisation, Systems Administration
  • PRISMG2 Training

Contact Us on +61 3 9005 8559buy cytotec oral




Primavera P6


We offer a range of integrated services around ORACLE’s Primavera platform designed to deliver maximum value to our clients.  With our partner Keen Science, we bring together deep system and technical knowledge of Primavera with a range of project planning and project management services to provide a complete solution. This combination of project services, the right project controls software and the ability to integrate these to your existing systems and business processes frees our clients to focus on successful project delivery and in-time decision making. 


What makes us truly unique is our operational experience (with all its operational scars and learnings) in running and delivering major projects across the resource and construction industries.  Our ability to support our clients extends beyond the specific disciplines of project management and controls. Our understanding of day to day operations also enables us to identify project risks and leverage opportunities from a human resource, procurement and supply, and capital management perspective. 

We know the importance of getting the project and portfolio planning right and the first step is to get the world’s leading project planning tool working for you.


If it involves PRIMAVERA, we can help.  Contact us about


  • PRIMAVERA P6 Software Licences and upgrades
  • PRIMAVERA P6 integration to SAP, Mobile devices, PRISMG2, EPM, Asset Management,HRM
  • PRIMAVERA P6 Support and Maintenance
  • PRIMAVERA P6 Consultancy Services – Implementation, Optimisation, Systems Administration
  • PRIMAVERA P6 Training 

Contact Us on +61 3 9005 8559buy cytotec oral

We know natural resources