Over 300 projects in the last 5 years

Our goal is to make a measurable difference to the business effectiveness of our clients. Our customers range from the worlds largest miners to related organisations in related industries such as downstream value-adders and investment banks. We have been granted challenges by our customers at all levels of business and IT and have delivered against these as advisors, project delivery teams and as members of the clients “Owners team”. We are focused on quality, high quality delivery and believe that our deliverables are far greater than the sum of their parts through the cultivation of strong and sustainable relationships between stakeholders.

Clients & Projects
We hope the sample of our projects presented below highlights the breadth and diversity of our value proposition to our clients. Feel free to download some of our Case Studies or if you prefer a direct discussion, contact us directly. With your scenario in mind, we would be happy to share further details of our activities, past and present, the methods employed and outcomes achieved.

  • Establish optimised fleet management KPIs (XSTRATA)
  • IT Strategy and 3 year plan (BHPB Iron Ore)
  • Tenement Management Strategy (BHPB Coal)
  • Maintenance Systems Strategy (BMA)
  • Integration Architecture Strategy (BHPB)
  • Mining Systems Architecture (BMA)
  • MES Solution Strategy (Olympic Dam)
  • Production Reporting Strategy (BECSA)
  • Port Scheduling & optimisation Solution (DBCT)
  • MES Strategy Quality Assurance (Newcrest)
  • MES Solution Support Strategy (BHPB Iron Ore)
  • Establish & embed Process & Engineering KPIs (AngloCoal)
  • Mineral Resources Management Maturity (Implats)
  • Technical Services Product Selection (Olympic Dam)
  • Business Intelligence Program (BHPB Manganese)
  • Operational Mining Risk Assessment (DBSA)
  • Mining Autonomy Process design (ODX)
  • Systems Improvement Program (GEMCO)
  • Reconciliation process excellence (XSTRATA )
  • Root Cause Analysis of metal accounting (Implats)
  • Integrated Mine Planning Process optimisation (Implats)
  • Part of Olympic Dam Expansion (ODX)
  • Owners team Establish Process & Engineering KPIs (AngloCoal)

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